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Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)

Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
Replacement Anemometer (Vantage Pro/Pro2)
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SKU: WXD-6410
Units in Stock: 1
Replacement anemometer, with black mounting base, for wireless and cabled Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Pro weather stations.
List Price: $225.00
Price: $202.50
You Save: $22.50 (10%)
Product Details

Davis Weather Station Anemometer 
and Windvane Assembly


This unique assembly combines both wind measuring functions. Our precision-crafted anemometer includes both wind speed and wind direction sensors. Rugged components stand up to hurricane-force winds, yet are sensitive to the lightest breeze. Wind direction vane is hand-balanced for optimal stability and accuracy. Sealed stainless steel ball bearings provide long life in harsh environments.


This Anemometer survived Hurricane Andrew!


During Hurricane Andrew, one of the most forceful hurricanes in recent memory, a customer watched as his Weather Master anemometer gave readings of as much as 175 MPH before the tower holding the unit blew over. He reported this to the Hurricane Research Center of the National Weather Service at Miami, Florida. In order to follow up on this incredible story, the Hurricane Center asked us to send samples to their wind expert to test the true limits of our anemometer’s design.

The anemometer tests were conducted by Tim Reinhold of Clemson University, in the wind tunnel testing facility at Virginia Tech. The tests were designed to monitor the accuracy of wind readings at progressively higher speeds until the instruments failed. We believe the results were impressive. As the video and accompanying report demonstrate, all three anemometers tested were accurate to within 5% up to speeds of 100 MPH. It was not until the wind speed reached over 170 MPH that our instruments failed.

The weather stations used in these tests were Weather Masters, which have since been replaced by our newer, more advanced models. However, the anemometers we make today still use virtually the same design tested in the Virginia Tech wind tunnel, except that the parts which failed in the test have been substantially strengthened.


At WeatherShop, we take pride in the consistent quality, durability and accuracy of every weather station component we sell.  This is a replacement anemometer for use with Davis Weather Stations.

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